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Licensed Colorado Diesel Emissions Testing

Emissions Testing | 5th Gear Automotive

5th Gear Auto provides diesel emissions testing for cars and light duty trucks, certified air care diesel tests and diesel exhaust testing for most makes of domestic and foreign vehicles. Our state of the art facility and certified staff ensures accurate, trustworthy and professional service. We are unable to test AWD vehicles, or vehicles with studded tires. 

5th Gear Auto provides proper documentation to prove compliance with Colorado Diesel Emissions Standards required for vehicle registration and renewal.

5th Gear Auto features a Licensed Colorado Diesel Emissions Testing Station equipped with the latest in testing equipment for all cars and light duty trucks with diesel engines. Our diesel emissions station features a Mustang Dynamometer MD-IMP-SE that provides trusted, accurate test results and documentation. 5th Gear Auto can also repair your vehicle on location, ensuring you are on the road safely and legally. You can feel at ease with our promise to treat your vehicle as though it was our own.

Colorado Aftermarket Catalytic Converters

Test Safety and Driving Conditions on our Mustang Dynamometer

Our in-ground Mustang dynamometer allows us to accurately road test any car and driver situation without have to take your vehicle out of the shop. Test driving cars can be dangerous when trying to drive and read computer diagnostic read-outs. This is eliminated by allowing us to drive the car 'in-house' on the dyno. Are you a 'lead foot' or maybe a stop-n-go driver (on the gas, let off, on the gas, let off) or maybe you lug the engine (shifting gears in lower RPMs) when driving a stick shift? Or maybe you are red-liner and rev the RPMs to the red line before shifting gears?

On our in-ground Mustang Dynamometer we can mimic any driving style to run the full diagnostic spectrum on your vehicle and with our arsenal of advanced computer diagnostic tools and libraries of online information and manuals. We can accurately diagnose or fine-tune your car or light-duty truck. On the dyno we can run quarter-mile runs like at the drag strip and we even have staging lights!

Our dyno allows us to:

  • Verify mileage
  • Check fuel economy
  • Determine horsepower
  • Determine and set torque
  • Perform emissions testing
  • Run live diagnostics instead of road testing

Mustang Dynamometer MD-IMP-SE

In anticipation of the growth in the sport compact segment, Mustang engineered the first and only low inertia, large roll dynamometer designed to handle the highest horsepower sport compact cars on the planet.

The IMP Series is capable of measuring up to 2,750-hp in power sweep mode and for tuning purposes, the SE model provides 600-hp absorption capabilities. With low inertia rolls, the MD-IMP Series is designed for testing lightweight vehicles that make big horsepower numbers. The key behind the IMP Series is its ability to accurately simulate road-load on vehicle-driver combinations weighing as little as 1,600 lbs via its modest inertia properties and Mustang's patented Virtual Inertia™ Technology. Professionals specializing in import market niches can take advantage of all of the benefits of an advanced eddy current chassis dynamometer; 1/4 mile runs and 0-60 runs, both from a standstill, can be performed on the SE model with precise accuracy – regardless of how much weight you've managed to shave off the stock set-up or how much power you have added to the engine.